ZygorDDL Version: 5.0.12945

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ZygorDDL Version: 5.0.12945: Hallow's End Quests Removed two daily quests Made a few minor updates to syntax

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ZygorDDL Version: 5.0.12945

ZygorDDL Version: 5.0.12945

Downloading the Zygor Client

The first thing you will want to do after completing your purchase or signing up for a trial is to download your guide. To do this, you must log into the Members Area section of our website:zygorguides.com/members/

Enter the Username and Password you chose when you created your account and you will be taken to the central hub of the Members Area. Here you can download the Zygor Guides Client, which will install the guides for you, and will also keep them updated for you.


* Fixed options not always showing proper spec on start
* Fixed export listing only default values
* Set sorting of options to alphabetical


[A] Added missing questline needed for Draenor Loremaster (Lost Lumberjacks, Gloomshade Grove, and Game of Thorns)


[A] Moved the "Shadowmoon Invasion!" quest to the Leveling guide
[H] *Added quest "New Goods"
[H] Added new location for Warmaster Zog for players with a level 3 Garrison and level 3 Shipyard.
[H] Changed all plain text/tip instances of "Frostwall Inn" to "Frostwall Tavern"
[B] Split several building guides into their own separate guides.
[B] Added final section of the Legendary Ring guide.


[B] *Removed Mount Training Dailies (covered in the Garrison Buildings guides)
[B] *Removed Inn dailies (covered in Garrison Buildings guides and Draenor Dailies)


[B] Added new Warlords of Draenor dungeon/raid guides for the normal/heroic difficulties


[B] Cooking - Way of the Brew, Way of the Oven and Way of the Wok have been completely updated.


[B] *Added additional spawn points of the mount Poseidus.


[B] Loremaster of Draenor: Clicking on a zone name in the guide now automatically loads the leveling guide for that zone


[B] Added Titles that were missing including many from patch 6.2.2.*


* General fixes, improvements, and code cleanup to various guides.

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