MapleLegends MapleStory

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MapleLegends MapleStory: MapleLegends Version: 0.62 Exp Rate: 2x Meso Rate: 1x Drop Rate: 1x Quest Rate: 3x MapleStory private server.

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MapleLegends MapleStory

MapleLegends MapleStory

Server Rates: 2x EXP l 1x MESO l 1x DROP l 3x QUEST l NO 2x EXP/DROP Cards

MapleLegends is FULLY compatible with WINDOWS, MAC, AND LINUX!


History: The development of MapleLegends began in August 2014 with the goal of creating the most nostalgic and functional pre-Big Bang MapleStory gameplay experience to date. Our development, production, and execution has attempted to resemble GMS cerca 2008 as preciously as possible, with many of our features and NPC text matching GMS exactly. MapleLegends moved from Alpha into Closed Beta in December 2014, from Closed Beta into Open Beta in late January 2015, and officially went live on April 1st, 2015.

Features: MapleLegends has numerous features with many never before seen in any pre-Big Bang server to date. These include, but are not limited to: Cash Shop interfaces (gifting, storage, rings, pets, every item working), Merchant Interfaces (Owl of Minerva, GMS Fredrick/Hired Merchants), Mini-Games (Omok, Match Cards), Skills (every skill working), Quests (every quest working), Party Quests (Henesys, Kerning, Ludibrium, Ludibrium Maze, Orbis, Herb Town/Pirate, Guild Quests), and much much more. All of our content is tested countless times before being releasing, so you will know that you are experiencing a high quality and polished product when exploring the world of MapleLegends.

Community: Due to our low rates we have one of the most mature and friendly communities out there, ready to help you out and play together with you. If you begin your journey into MapleLegends alone, expect to make new friends very quickly. Our staff is also professional and readily available to answer your questions on either the forum or in-game.

Conclusion: MapleLegends is the solution if you've been wishing that you could re-experience pre-Big Bang MapleStory in its prime. To learn even more about our server

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