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Elysium Silkroad Online

Elysium Silkroad Online

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PVE Sunucusu , 1 level başlangıç , bir çok otomatik etkinlik , deneyimli yönetici kadrosu ve bir çok yenilik ile Elysium sunucusu sizler ile., Pvp Server best Pvp best game private server.

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Elysium Silkroad Online Tanıtım Yazısı


[SIZE="4"][COLOR="Red"]Opening Date - Time :[/COLOR] 01.08.2016 08:00 PM. / 20:00 ( Server Time )[/SIZE]


[URL="http://www.elysro.com"]Web Site[/URL]

[U]You can follow our facebook page for news about Elysium.

[SIZE="3"]Hello everyone / Herkese merhaba / Hallo allerseits / Salut tout le monde / Hola a todos [/SIZE]

[U]We've added new skill to CH Class to remove the unbalanced gameplay.[/U]


[B][SIZE="5"][COLOR="red"]A[/COLOR][/SIZE]s we're Elysium Team, we would like to announce you all the new server of our team. We've experienced very well and improved gameplay. Our previous server reached the maximum capacity in few days and lastet almost five months. According to your suggestions we just created a well-builded server. Here it comes new journey 'Elysium' !! With our multiple language support you'll have fun in this server.[/B]


[TABLE="head"]Information|[B]Rates ect:[/B]
[SIZE="2"][B]Exp|[/B] 30x
[B]Sp|[/B] 30x
[B]Gold| [/B]2x
[B]Cap| [/B]110
[B]Race| [/B]China/Europe
[B]Mastery(CH/EU)|[/B] 360/240
[B]Alchemy| [/B]1x
[B]Job rates| [/B]10x
[B]Vote for Silks[/B]| no
[B]CTF|[/B] active
[B]BA|[/B] active
[B]Roc Gate|[/B] active
[B]Medusa|[/B] active
[B]Fortress war|[/B]  active
[B]IPLimit|[/B] 3

Intel Xeon E3 1245v2
1Gbps Traffic
DDOS protection














We increased the spawn of mobs for do not face not enough spawns number 
so we raised twice.



All npcs sell ıtems that has +7 str +7 int and +5. ( 1 and 9 degree )
Our aim is assisting to your playing





Weapon Plus can be maximum +12.


Each week person who is the first on the rank table gain a special dress for a week. Every rank will has a reward.
New Titles have been added. Weekly Unique Killer will get "Murderer" & PvP Event Winner will get "Champion"

[SPOILER]Information About Roc Update
The mighty legends of the Elysium Online! 
Time has come! With new Roc Uptade you'll be able to gain much more power than ever!
*Roc Item Degree increased from 10D to 11D
*Roc Item Defs. are +1 more than Normal Novas
*Roc Quests are avaible! Kill the Roc and gather stones!
*Roc Stones: 
Magic stone of Sharpness (Lvl.11) Gives Extra Critical on Weapon, 
Magic stone of IronShield (Lvl.11) Gives Extra Blocking Rate on Shield, 
Magic stone of Guardian (Lvl.11) Gives Stun Resist can be applied on Accesorries
Magic stone of Devil (Lvl.11) Gives Extra HP&MP Recovery can be applied on Shield
Magic stone of Abyss(Lvl.11) Gives Extra Diasese Effect Resist can be applied on Accesorries
Magic stone of Incandescence (Lvl.11) Gives Extra Diasese Resist Effect can be applied on Accesorries
Magic stone of Sorrow(Lvl.11) Gives Extra Sleep Resist Effect can be applied on Accesorries
Magic stone of IronHeard(Lvl.11) Gives Extra Fear Resist Effect can be applied on Accesorries




The cursed goddess of Greek is looking for her victims. We've added some precious treasures to Medusa just dont try to look her eyes otherwise you'll be stunned by her. Those, successfully murder her will be able to reach the endless power

Official Link WebSite :http://www.elysro.com

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