Agbot Sro-R

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Agbot Sro-R: Agbot SilkroadR It works perfect This setting will firstly unequip the arrows because of buffing

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Agbot Sro-R

Agbot Sro-R

How to use:
Use MediaPatcher in
C:Program Files (x86)SilkroadR
C:Program FilesSilkroadR

When it ask you to patch the dns SAY NO!
There a bug and the dns can't be parsed correctly as it too long...

After it ask you if you want to patch the port say yes.

Redirect the dns using the Hosts file

Open with NotePad:
Add the line:

Delete /data/ folder in agbot
Rename /datar/ to /data/

Open agbot.exe
Go in Config / nuconnector.ini as displayed here:

Change the values
Put for the IP address 1 to 5 to or
Click Save Setting

Open nuconnector1.3 in agbot folder
Open Silkroad-R which connect to nuconnector which load nuconnector.ini modified

This will connect to Silkroad-R
Bot should work fine if you followed those step.

This hasn't been tested on v1.004 but was working on v1.003
There nothing major that changed so it should just work on v1.004


Link to download from official site:


Some fixes:
- If your character data in the agbot is freeze, just delete the event items out of your inventory
-For those who are getting the Inspection error :
When you use mediapatcher , on the first message that appear press NO!!!
-if up doesn't work - Open C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts open hosts with Notepad.

Add the Line
and save.
-Problems with Arrow-Usage

If you just want a simple fix (won't fix the agbot to recognize that it has still some standard issue arrows in the inventory | btw tick out the "Return to town if: Arrows 0 <= XX", or it won't work properly):

get the shield reward (on each degree available till lv 70)
just skill Fire Shield - Phoenix on lv 1 or which lvl you want to

set in the agbot below:
"skills" tab
"Buff" tab
[X] FIR XXX Fire Shield - Phoenix (with the condition "Buff Walkingscript/Hunting")

(Important! Other part: below "Weapon" tab at "skills", choose there "[X] Pacheon Bow")

This setting will firstly unequip the arrows because of buffing (arrows will be replaced with the shield) and reequip them because of the weapon switch to a bow.

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