Auto Staller for Elixers

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Auto Staller for Elixers: Sro Tool Auto Staller for Elixers It will sell elixer in your inventory, in storage when you ask for it or even will it buy elixers in Stall network

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Auto Staller for Elixers

Auto Staller for Elixers

-It works with(out) Sbot (it works with all other bots but you can't use the function "Check Sbot for Sold Elixers" if you aren't using Sbot)
-Set your graphics on Default and "Graphic 1" ,brightness normal !
-Don't try to change your resolution, but if you really want to try it then do it ^^
-This program works with picture search so you need to have a fitting resolution or else it won't work.
-When you use Storage usage then you will need to stand on the correct spot-constantinople ; Storage = -10621,2580 ; Guild storage = -10558,2328-Donwhang ; Storage = 3577,1989 ; Guild storage = 3591,1968-Hotan ; Storage = 113,65 ; Guild storage = 114,438-Jangan ; Storage = 6433,1064 ; Guild storage = 6246,1205-Samarkand ; Storage = -5132,2801 ; Guild storage = -5175,2971Alexandria ; Storage = -16084,25 ; Guild storage = 16111, 46
-Also you need to look straight at the storage keeper, else it will not work !

What does it do

It will sell elixer in your inventory, in storage when you ask for it or even will it buy elixers in Stall network

How is my program coded ?

Some of you already know how but for the ones who doesn't i will explain here ^^. It searches after pictures on your screen like the stall button, open stall,... so ive made them for my screen resolution (1680*1050) but these pics also work on 1280*1024 so if you got another resolution you need to change every pic in
**bit - Sbot AutoStaller *,*DataElixers + Towns + Other + ...
So you need or another program that does the same ^^
-example: If you need to change the open stall button you need to take a screenshot from it and then open and paste it in there.
Then cut out the button open stall just like i cut out my pic else it could give problems.
then save it as a png file -> Choose dir -> Bith depth 32-bit then press ok and your done now you need todo this for all the other pics xDxD have fun

How to use

-Fill in your elixer prices
-Select Check every x min if you want it to check onscreen if there elixers are sold
-Select Check Sbot if you got them online with sbot this option will work on the background
-Select clients u want and move them to the right column
-Select Use storage if you want to use the storage
-Select buy elixers from stall network if you want to buy elixers after your storage is empty
-Click save settings and then start stalling
-To use Storage please get on the correct spot
-To Close press X or F10
Really simple ^^

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