Bard-Cleric Guide Silkroad Build

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Bard-Cleric Guide Silkroad Build: Silkroad online Build Guide: Bard-Cleric, Skills, Stats, How to play solo, How to play in a party, And in pvp. information of Bard-Cleric Build Guide

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Bard-Cleric Guide Silkroad Build

Bard-Cleric Guide Silkroad Build

Bard/Cleric on cSRO. I write this guide because some people really don't know how much fun it is to be a bard. Some people will say: Bard/Cleric?! Wtf? And this is what I also thought in the beginning. One day I just created a Bard and it was REALLY fun playing. So I just decided to make this character to my main character. I will show you the pros and cons about a bard/cleric and I'll guide you how to play solo or in a party. First of all: Normally a Bard is a supporter. But my opinion is: With Cleric I can also kill giants and party mobs solo and the most mobs are 1-2 hit. So I think you can also play solo.

2. Stats

A Bard/Cleric is of course full INT. There's no other choice I think because you deal magical damage. And in the high levels you'll kill your mobs solo and in a party without being attacked. So don't try to do a hybrid or full STR or something like that


Green: Get it for Solo and Party-playing
Yellow: Get it for Solo-playing
Orange: Get it for Party-playing
Red: Just get it if you've got some sp left


Bards Dream

Vibration: Get it, Magical Attack is unreplaceble.
Echo: Range increase. Get it for Party-playing because it just works for the Music Pleasure Line. This skill DOESN'T work for Attacks
Music Life: MP Consumption for all bard skills decreased. This is a very important skill, get it.
Prism: Get it for Party-playing. It just increases the resistance for Music Pleasure Line.

Battle Chord:

Horror Chord: This skill is a must-have because it's one of your main attack skills even in the high levels. Max it!
Booming Chord: One of two main AOE-Skills. Max it!
Mana Switch: It's not really an attack skill. Cannot use on yourself and it just works like the chinese snow shield. If you're getting hitted, the HP will go down to 50% of your damage and 50% of the damage will decrease your MP. You really don't need it!
Weird Chord: It's a skill like Horror Chord, but it hits 3 enemies at the same time. Max it!
Booming Wave: 2nd book of Booming Chord. The second AOE-skill. Max it!

Music Pleasure:

Moving March: Increases your moving speed and the moving speed of the whole party. Some people just skill bard to get some Moving Speed. Max it!
Guard Tambour: The whole party will absorb physical damage. No need for solo-playing, just get it if you play in a party. The effect disappears if you get hitted.
Mana Tambour: Same as Guard Tambour, but it'll absorb magical damage. Just get it for Party-playing.
Hit March: Increases the Attack Rating of the group. The effect disappears if you get hitted, so just get it for party-playing.
Swing March: 2nd book of Moving March.
Clout March: 2nd book of Hit March.


Holding Clamor: The monster “freezes”. Just get it if there're some sp left.
Cure Melody: A universal pill will do the same job.
Temptation: It's funny but nothing more than a waste of sp.
Rave Melody: In a party or solo you'll use Mana-Cycle to heal the MP.

The next skills are just the 2nd book of all 4 skills. This Line is not very useful I think.


Tuning Noise: This skill is useful for Solo-playing if you don't have enough mana to cast Mana Cycle.
Mana Cycle: The most important heal skill for MP. With this skill you don't need to use MP pots in Solo-playing. I love this skill! Max it!
Noise: All general monsters (General-Party included) won't attack you. This skill is a must-have for Solo- and Party-playing. Max it!
Mana Wind: This is a chain-heal for MP. You don't really need it because most time you'll cast Mana Cycle.
Discord Wave: “It reduces aggro”. This skill is the best way to get aggro! NEVER get this skill!!!!!!!
Tuning Sound: 2nd book of Tuning Noise.
Mana Breeze: 2nd book of Mana Wind.
Mana Orbit: 2nd book of Mana Cycle. Max it!

Beautiful Life (Passive):

Tripping: Increases the range of all Skills from Dancing Concert. (Passive)
Screen Dance: Increases your Resistance. This means when you get attacked your skills from Dancing Concert won't be corrupted.

Dancing Concert:

Dancing of Valor: Increases the Physical attack power of the party. This skill can only be used having 2 bards in a party.
Dancing of Magic: Increases the Magical attack power of the party. This skill can only be used having 2 bards in a party.
Dancing of Healing: Increases the Healing amount. This skill can only be used having 2 bards in a party.
Dancing of Mana: The MP consumption of the whole party is reduced. This skill can only be used having 2 bards in a party.

The next 4 Skills are just the 2nd books. Just get this skills if there are two bards in your party.


I'll just write the main skills of Cleric. First: A good party-leveling cleric skills everything from this tree. But I'll just write some for solo-playing and the most important for Party-playing.

Reverse: Just need it for party. You can also use Reverse Oblation.
Faith (Passive): Not very interesting for our bard but we'll need it for some Buffs.
Healing Cycle: Heals you over time. It's like Mana Cycle only for HPHelps you to kill giants or just to get some HP if your HP is low.
Healing Orbit: 2nd book of Healing Cycle.
Bless Spell: I love this skill. For 45 seconds you've got a lot of more physical and magical defense with helps you to kill giants, even party champions. 3 minutes cooldown. Max it!
Recovery Divison: You'll need it because you'll get hp every 5 seconds for 5 minutes. It's VERY helpful and one of the main reason why to skill cleric.
Holy Recovery Divison: 2nd book of Recovery Divison.
Charity: Not useful but you'll need it for Holy Word/Spell.
Holy Word/Spell: Reduces probality to get a bad status. Just get Holy Word to lvl 1 and in the high levels just skill Holy Spell to save some sp.

You don't need any blesses or something like that

To get to all the skills you'll have to make 1 gap until lvl 40 and then 3 gap until lvl 91 then farm.

You'll need until lvl 91 ~430.000 sp
Sorry but I don't know how much to get until lvl 100 or 110 but I think it's 600-650k sp to lvl 100 and ~800-900k until lvl 110

This is really few if you just get the most important skills.

4. Armor Type and Weapon

Always try to get a 3+ harp on your level.

Armor Type: I've chosen Light Armor because you need the higher physical defense. You don't need the bonuses for Robe (10% faster and 10% less MP consumption than Light Armor) because you are a bard and you've got high mana and you've got the skill Moving/Swing March which helps you to move faster.

5.How to play Solo

Solo-playing is easier than most of the people think.
Most of the monsters are 2-hit down. From lvl 1-20 you just use Horror Chord and normal Attack skills. I would recommend to grind always at monsters on your level or 1-2 level higher or you'll die.
Don't give up if you die (And you'll die often!) because it's sometimes hard to level but in the end you'll have one of the best chars in my opinion. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT BOTTING THIS CHAR.
From level 24 you've got bless spell. From now you can kill giants on your level because of the very high defense. Use Horror Chord and then Use Booming Chord. It's good to have a wolf or an other attack pet to tank the mob for you.
From lvl 40 you'll be the king. I think you can't die with Recovery Division and bless spell.
But you won't be able to kill party giants.
You'll get your next attack spell with level 60. It's a long way, I know. But it's it worth!
You can also hunt Uruchi with level 50. It's easy to handle (if you don't get ksed...)
You'll get your last attack spell with level 80. Now you should be able to play your character if you played without powerleveling and bot.

6.How to play in a party

A bard has a central role in a party. You are the one who heals the MP of the party. Why healing MP? There are pots! The answer is: There's a 15sec Pot delay, so clerics and also the tanks aren't able to spam their skills. So Clerics and Warriors should be on the top of your party-window. You also have to buff. Just cast Guard tambour or Mana Tambour. Always cast Moving Speed and Noise for your self.
I think this was the main thing you have to do.

7.Player vs. Player and Job

Let's start with some facts:

-Your nukes are faster than Wizard, Warlock or Cleric Nukes (!!)
-Your nukes are almost as good as chinese nukes.

Most of the time you'll be 1-hit by a chinese Nuker or Glavier etc. So try to get them down before they reach you. It's easy to kill Wizards or Warlocks because they're 1 hit and your nukes are much faster than Wizard Nukes. With right use of “Healing Cycle” and “Bless Spell” and “Recovery Division” you're able to kill Chinese Nuker or even Rouges. So this was Solo-PvP. Now let's move to Group-PvP and that's where the bard shines. You' can spam your AoE-Skills and kill even 3 persons with 2 or 3 shots. Your Nukes are the fastest.
If you get attacked just cast “Healing Cycle” and another person will help you to kill the player.

Job: You can do all jobs.
But if you go thiefing or hunting you have to be in a party(!!)
Solo it's veeery hard to kill player on the same level.
And don't even think about to trade solo.
As I said in the Group-Pvp the bard shines. Sro private server

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