Using iBot from start to finish

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Using iBot from start to finish: iBot guides: 100% WORKS How To Using iBot from start to finish. iBot Guide/Tutorial Setting up Auto relog Opening up SRO with iBot download

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Using iBot from start to finish

Using iBot from start to finish

iBot, is a free to use Silkroad Online Bot. My opinion on this bot is that it beats pay-to-use bots hands down, I know this because I have bought bot cards in the past so I know first hand just how this bot compares to other bots. I have gotten comments in game from other members saying how extremely fast and efficient this bot is. I am sure once you guys try this bot, you will not want to go back to pay to use bots. With a little bit of guidance from myself, and a little understanding on your part, you will be up botting 24/7 with no problems (server permitting). I am not getting paid or anything for making this guide, I am doing this to help others in maximizing their SRO botting experience. Taking in to consideration that SBot no longer is accepting new accounts from anyone, this is a BETTER alternative to botting, cost free. I am a well known member on here, and have helped out on many occasions with AgBot. (BTW this bot is better than AgBot ever was.) Minus the AgDev team which fell off the scene because life has more important things going on for some.

Before I get started on the actual aspect of the bot, lets talk about some measures to avoid being detected or banned. This way your botting experience is maximized.

1. There is a file in your Silkroad folder called SilkErrSender.exe, rename the file to something random or totally delete the file all together. This will stop Silkroad crashes and errors from being reported back to Joymax, do this no questions asked.

2. Buy silk (one time is good) and keep at least 1 silk left on your account, this shows that you spend money on a free to play game, and will most likely cause you to not get banned if someone sees you botting in game and decides to report you. They really have no proof, just assumptions. Buy silk, leave some on your account to play it safe.

3. Always keep your bot up to date. Check for updates after EVERY server inspection/update. If you keep your bot current, you are less likely to get banned.

4. Multiclient botting is asking to be banned and is more detectable than any single client bot, so if possible, stay away from multiclient botting. HardMod is okay to use if you want to plvl, or stall. Keep that up to date as well.

Current iBot status: Working

Current iBot version:

Change Log:
- Updated for ISRO v1.406
- Updated for SROR v1.071
- Updated data files
- Updated iBot Necessities files
- Added parse_shops.txt
- Added check for invalid character name
- Added input for secondary passcode
- Added command line for secondary passcode (PC:1234)
- Fixed parsing of fellow items

2. Extract iBot to desktop
Well, basically it is in .rar format upon downloading, so extract all files to your desktop or a folder of your choosing.

3. Installing the necessary files
Without installing these files, you WILL get errors so don't be surprised if you cut corners and this happens to you. Inside the iBot_Necessities folder you will see a series of files, run the ones I have highlighted here in red and completely install them. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 right click on each file, and Run as Administrator. If you are unable to install them for any reason, restart your computer in SAFE MODE, and then install them following this step.

4. Configure srodir.ini file

This is a definite MUST to getting this bot to work and actually open your SRO client. Double click the srodir.ini file, you may be prompted to choose a file to open the current file, choose "choose a program from list, then click ok" Open the file with notepad or wordpad, notepad is easier since it should be in the list.

You want the file to look like this, basically so it directs the program to open with SRO client, now this screenshot is for Windows 7 users, but if you are on XP or another Windows OS, try deleting the (x86) part out so that its just Program Files. Or to make it completely simple, copy the full path to your SRO_client.exe

4 1/2. Setting up Auto relog

Ok so in this part of the guide i am going to show you guys how to setup your bot to autorelog and autostart minimized when you start your computer, first lets start by seting up the autorelog, and that is a hidden option in the iBot, to activate it first you must click the donate button!

Then go to the second tab you'll notice that a new Option has appeared, now set your account information and and check the options that I checked in this picture:

Now its time for the second part, I want you guys to go and make a shortcut of Ibot.exe , once you have made it i want you to right click it then properties and then add this to your target line in front of ibot.exe: SN:9 SU:YOURID SP:YOURPASS AS:CHARNAME AB:1 AC:20000 HI
as shown in the picture below:

SN SilkroadServer : Server # (SN:1)
SU Silkroad User : User**** (SU:MyUser****)
SP Silkroad Pass : Password (SP:MyPassword)
AS Auto Select Char : **** (AS:Char****)
AB Auto Select Opt : Option (AB:2)
AC Auto Connect : Delay (AC:20000)
HI Hide iBot : (HI)

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