Near Reality Runescape

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Near Reality Runescape: Runescape private server: Near Reality NPC based dicing 15+ bosses 20+ skills Castle Wars Experienced & Friendly Staff

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Near Reality Runescape

Near Reality Runescape

We are Near Reality. Near Reality Runescape

Near Reality is a PKing based server that offers a plethora of content for hours of enjoyment. Here at NR we strive to bring you the best gaming experience possible. Our dedicated Development team spends countless hours working on content for your pleasure. What are you waiting for? You can jump right in and be PKing in under 15 minutes on your old accounts or you can take your time and go for one of our unique 200M skilling passives! Begin your adventure NOW!
Your Old Accounts!
We are bringing your old character files back! This includes everything about your character, from the items in your bank, all the way through to where you last logged off! Log In and play! Don't remember your old password? Not to worry! You will be able to recover your account via our extensive Add On menu, its so easy! 
Old School Graphics
At Near Reality, we know that you care about that OldSchool vibe. We offer players the option to switch from 667 (new) models to 498 (old) models in one swift click! Itching for that old school 'scaper experience? Come and continue your adventure now!
Unique Skilling Passives & Achievements
Are you more of a skiller? We have developed a custom, never before seen experience with 200m skilling passives. Unlock your inner beast and gain boosts by obtaining the combat passives or show your sly side by looting the thieving passive. 
We also have a unique achievement system that gains new achievements regularly. Can you unlock them all and get the coveted Developer's Cape?
Other Features
-NPC based dicing
-15+ bosses
-20+ skills
-Castle Wars
-Fight Pits
-Max, Completionist & Developer Capes
-Experienced & Friendly Staff
-Active Community
-Custom Bosses
-Automated Hide and Seek
-Bounty Hunter 
-Black Market

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