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Experior Sro Online

Experior Sro Online

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Cap:140Dg:14All fortress and Forgotten World,Jupiter temple, Baghdad dungeon working, Pvp Server best Pvp best game private server.

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We have installed a new referral bonus system,after login press more options. Use "Your Invite Link" to invite friends or spread it all over on the internet. You will earn Mpoits,every time when somebody who was invited by you, makes a donation.
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The Silk Road Online (Silkroad Online) is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer role-playing online) that completely immerses the player in the ancient civilizations of China, Islamic and European. In summary, the Silk Road was a very important door for cultural and economic activities. Ancient routes that connected Asia and ancient Europe and have gone to join the forgotten history of glory and adventure.

The Silk Road is an active world unlike other MMORPG that have fixed content. In the extensive routes, traders engage in risky ventures while the thieves intend to strip them of their goods. Although high risk transactions, hunters will be there to protect traders and end the damage caused thieves. In The Silk Road, continuing to give life to this world, transactions are used and challenges that make different links, goals and dreams, as contributing to the Silk Road a world full of life.

There is no fixed job in the Silk Road. All players can ...ly ascend to enhance the growth of your character without any restrictions. When switching between trader, hunter and thief, desires and alter the destiny of the player. The first thing to experience the player is that there is a wide world waiting to be explored and reorganized, an adventure in constant development.

The servers have a system of creating coherent and parallel worlds to entertain a large group of users without delay and offer more content with minimal loading times. What is more important, to make characters with natural movements combining dynamic animation techniques will be provided to players more unique to themselves.

The Silk Road is open for you. Entirely up to you to make money with the trade, become a lone wolf is kicked, the vast continent full of bandits or play an active role as an advocate who protects the peace of the Silk Road.

Official Link WebSite :http://www.experiorsro.com/index.php?page=download
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